Jesus Is Knocking
...Inviting us to repond to Our Father's Love


Together we will learn from Jesus’ teaching which always points us back to the Father.


Together, we will take Jesus’ yoke upon ourselves and learn from him. Together we will learn and keep his commandments and his word. Together we will learn what it means to be loved by the Father, to live with the Father, and to find rest for our souls. Together we will take what we learn into the world, gathering others into that same love and rest.

WHY "Jesus Is Knocking"

Together we will discover the "WHYs." It's time to experience the Father’s love and riches in the Messiah rather than the imitations we're used to. It's time to share the Father’s love and riches with each other and with a hurting and dying world.
It's time to open the door and let Jesus' message set our hearts on fire for God.